Let’s Talk about Sickness

You can’t avoid hearing about the flu and virus’s that are occurring or can occur in our neighborhoods. And it can be scary. If you’re like me you went off the deep end and bought a freezer, food saver machine thingy, and food for two to three weeks. Yes, I went there, like I have nothing better to keep me awake at 1 am? It’s hard to be me sometimes, can you relate?

We are disinfecting daily at the studio with bleach and Clorox wipes (while we can still get them). So I’m going to ask you to practice good, common sense health practices, too.

Stay home if you’re sick. If you or your child have stayed home from school/work, we ask that you kindly do not visit the studio. Although we LOVE seeing all of you, sick or well, it is not fair to the other kid’s/families that are not sick. We have customers who are fighting cancer and their resistance is precarious. I have customers who are maybe a month old and haven’t built a resistance to much, and elderly customers who can easily lose a battle with a horrid virus. You get what I’m saying?

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Inventory is ALWAYS changing. We will do our best to update these images, but will confirm availability of the item(s) you want to purchase for your to-go kit when you call.

Don’t worry, you can still paint pottery!
No one is saying you can’t paint pottery. I have an option for you:

To-Go Kits!
Call ahead and we’ll help you build a to-go kit over the phone, and even pay over the phone with a credit card. We can help you pick out a few pieces of pottery, and we can go over the colors with you. We’ll pack up some brushes and paint pots and have it all wrapped up. You pull up, call us from the car, and we’ll run your to-go kit out to you! You bring it back, along with the brushes and paint pots, and we’ll have it ready in one week for you. I call this a win-win situation!

If things change:
If the schools close down, if our area is experiencing a quarantine: We will alter our standard operating procedure to POSSIBLY include home delivery to your porch. This is a model we are currently thinking about. We will then offer acrylics for our pottery, which means the paint pots and brushes would be disposable and you would not need to bring back the items to be fired. We will let you know when we are ready for this.

So here’s to staying home when we’re sick; here’s to washing our hands for 20 seconds regularly; here’s to coughing and sneezing into a tissue and throwing it away; and here’s to your health, may it always be in your favor!

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