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Walk-In Mosaics

Our studio is proud to offer mosaic art projects for our walk-in artists. This experience allows you to create a vibrant and eloquent keepsake.

How Mosaic Projects Work

  • Walk-in our studio during our normal hours, and our staff will walk you through the entire process.

  • First, choose the base or shape for your project. We have a wide range of shapes, frames, plaques, and more.

  • Pick out your tiles from a large selection of glass colors.

  • Our staff will provide the necessary tools and materials.

  • Arrange the tiles as you wish and glue them to the base.

  • After the glue sets, the piece will need to be grouted to create the stability and finished appearance.

Need some ideas on what to create?

The only requirement is that you get as creative and colorful as you can.

Browse some of our selection of mosaic bases and finished creations. Then stop in the store to build your next timeless creation!