Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-28T12:46:11-04:00
What is Fired Up?2019-09-28T12:03:40-04:00

Fired Up is a contemporary ceramics and glass fusing studio. In the ceramics industry we often are referred to as a pottery painting place, however, what we do is technically not pottery…we do not have pottery, throw pottery on a wheel, or work with raw clay.

We offer a walk-in ceramics and glass fusing studio where all pieces for purchase are in the bisque form (not green ware, and no cleaning required). You will choose a piece of bisque to paint and use our interesting tools and techniques to do so. You will be able to use sea sponges, stencils, stamps, speckle glazes…and lots of other really cool stuff to design and decorate your “pottery”. Then you will leave it with us and we will clear glaze and fire your piece.

Are appointments necessary?2019-09-28T12:06:44-04:00

No Appointments necessary! Just drop in. We are open seven days a week. You do need to reserve table space for parties and classes, just give us a call. Fired Up welcomes walk-ins on all days except during special events. Reservations are not required. Birthday party reservations require a deposit.

How Much Does it Cost?2019-09-28T12:10:47-04:00

Our fees include all the paint and supplies you use, studio time, glazing, and firing. You are charged for the piece of pottery you choose to paint. Pottery prices range from $6 to $100 and lots of in between. Glass prices start at $21. Special events may have other charges applied… please ask for details on a specific event.

How Long Does it Take?2021-01-17T15:37:09-05:00

Choosing and creating your artwork varies and can take two to three hours. When planning a trip to Fired Up please keep in mind store hours and allow yourself enough time to finish your projects. If you don’t finish, we will wrap up your pottery piece to take home with you and you can come back at your convenience to finish it, no extra charge. We do not store unfinished pieces. 

Can I bring in food and drinks?2019-09-28T12:13:06-04:00

You may bring food and drinks into the studio. Please remember that unfired pottery hates grease and oils. If you plan to bring in food, please do not touch the pottery until your hands are washed with soap.

Do the paints stain? Are they safe to use?2019-09-28T12:38:04-04:00

Fired Up is totally non-toxic and lead free. Our under glazes do not stain.

After glazing and firing your pottery, it is considered food safe but not dishwasher safe. Hand washing is always the best choice.

How old do you need to be to paint?2019-09-28T12:38:26-04:00

Every artist is different. Some small children are like bulls in a china closet and some are more delicate in their actions and thoughts. You know your child and what they can handle. Babies can make a mean footprint keepsake and some 3 year olds can give Monet a run for his money. We welcome all ages at Fired Up.

Will you call me when my piece is ready?2019-09-28T12:38:46-04:00

Unfortunately, due to the volume of pieces we are not able to call when items are done. You can stop in 1 week from the day you painted to claim your finished pieces. To claim your finished pottery you will need to know what the items are, the name on the claim ticket, and who paid for them.

Can I get a job at Fired Up?2019-09-28T12:39:04-04:00

YES! We are always taking applications. We may not be hiring at the moment, but we keep applications on file and you never know when an opportunity may come up!

Is Fired Up a franchise?2019-09-28T12:39:25-04:00

No, Fired Up Pottery Studio, LLC is not a franchise.

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