DATES: Monday, June 10th thru Thursday, August 8th
TIME: 10am – Noon
AGES: 6+

*Snack and drink will be provided

Week 1

Pop Culture

Taylor Swift
Monday, June 10

Cost: $45

Raise your hand if you’re a “Swiftie” Let’s paint our own guitars, make some friendship bracelets, and sing some Blank Space from 1989!

Totally 80’s
Wednesday, June 12

Cost: $35

When you think of the 80’s what comes to mind? Neon? Bright colors..big hair? In this Totally 80’s summer camp we will be designing glow in the dark mosaics. Sign up to join the fun!

Pop Art
Thursday, June 13

Cost: $30

In honor of Pittsburgh native, Andy Warhol we will create a canvas painting full of neons, shapes and patterns. Artists will have several designs to choose from to express their creativity.

Week 2

Asian Fusion

Glass Mandala
Monday, June 17

Cost: $29

Artists will learn about the history of mandalas, which are an artistic representation using geometric shapes and symbols, and will be creating their own using fused glass.

Koi Canvas
Wednesday, June 19 

Cost: $3o

These colorful fish will be brought to life through a canvas painting. Each unique Koi fish can be proudly displayed all year round.

Mandala Plate
Thursday, June 20 

Cost: $22

Mandalas create beautiful pieces of art. We will lead young artists step by step to create their very own mandalas by designing their own plate.

Week 3

Game On

Monday, June 24

Cost: $36

Which Minecraft character will you create? Creeper, Enderman, TNT or maybe the Skeleton!? In this gaming class we will be having lots of Minecraft fun using fused glass.

Wednesday, June 26 

Cost: $39

Who else plays Fortnite? We have the perfect llama container for you to paint and bring to life.

Among Us
Thursday, June 27 

Cost: $30

Day 6 of summer camp will be focused on Among Us. Create a canvas to add some décor to your room!

Week 4

It’s Magical

Fairy House
Monday, July 8

Cost: $44

Its Magical Summer Camp theme week is all about make-believe! We will be painting and decorating fairy house boxes to hold your magical treasures. And we wouldn’t think about a fairy house without a fairy! Miss Jane has some fun plans for our young artists.

Harry Potter
Wednesday, July 10

Cost: $49

How can you create magic without a magical wand? Let’s paint our own! This is a two-project camp so we will also paint our own Harry Potter canvas. 

Thursday, July 11

Cost: $39

Dragons, Dragon, Dragons….we have some fun techniques to share with you to paint your own dragon egg and egg stand.

Week 5

Sea Creatures

Clay Creations
Monday, July 15

Cost: $49

In this clay hand building class, you will learn how to create pinch pots and sea creatures! Whether real or make-believe, your creation will be one of a kind. Let’s get messy!

Glass Fish
Wednesday, July 17

Cost: $39

Who else loves creating with fused glass!? If you’re new to fused glass or a seasoned pro you’ll be sure to learn something fun in this fused glass fish camp.

Thursday, July 18

Cost: $22

These guys are just the cutest and always seem to be smiling! We will be transferring our axolotl onto a plate to make you smile each time you set the table! 

Week 6

Color Fanatics

Color Theory
Monday, July 22

Cost: $30

Have you ever wondered how colors relate and work together in paintings? This class will explore analogous color sets, tints and shades with acrylic paint. Come create two landscape canvases that can work together as a single art piece or stand alone.

Wednesday, July 24

Cost: $27

Branching from Impressionism, Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image or design. This technique will be applied to a party animal! Which bisque will you pick? A hedgehog, frog, panda bear, jelly fish? Maybe even a princess or mermaid! 

Van Gogh
Thursday, July 25

Cost: $30

One of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art. Van Gogh drink coasters will be the project in this summer camp class. Each coaster will reflect each artists creativity.

Week 7

Pet Love

Glass Nightlight
Monday, July 29

Cost: $34

Who else loves nightlights? Why not create your own? In this fused glass class, we’ll lead you step by step to design any animal or pet you can imagine!

Clay Nesting Dolls
Wednesday, July 31

Cost: $49

Time to make a special pet set! Learn about clay hand building pinch pots and coils to create your own unique series of animals. Make your perfect pet family!

Pet Water Color
Thursday, August 1

Cost: $30

What kind of a pet do you have? A dog, cat, fish, snake? Bring in a photo of your pet and we will be using watercolor as our medium to create your fury…or wet pet!

Week 8


Dino Dash
Monday, August 5

Cost: $36

Fused glass dinosaurs! Will your dinosaur be roaming the grassy fields or wandering near a volcano? We’ll be adding hooks to hang your prehistorical art.

Ice Cream Bowl
Wednesday, August 7

Cost: $30

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! August is hot so let’s paint our own ice cream bowl! Add chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles. What would an ice cream painting class be without the ice cream! This cold treat will be provided in this summer camp class. 

Dino or Trefoil Mug
Thursday, August 8

Cost: $39

Pick between a dinosaur or a flower mug! So many creative options. This is our last summer camp class so let’s have some fun!